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Saaremaa Residents

"Saaremaa Residents" booked up for september 2017

"Saaremaa Residents"
"Saaremaa Residents"offers a stylish hotel alternative for modern travellers, located discreetly beside the sea in Kuressaare, within easy reach of Kuressaare City Harbour and beach,
a selection of SPA hotels and the symbol of Kuressaare - the thirteenth century castle.
Within walking distance you will also find the town centre and an eighteen-hole golf course.
The residence has been crafted to create a relaxed atmosphere in its sleek, comfortable, light-filled roomsand fully equipped kitchen. The apartment is provided with generous spaces for sleeping, eating and relaxing, including a large south-facing terrace with views over the Gulf of Kuressaare.
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Mob:+3725038253  Saaremaa,Kuressaare,Kaluri tee 5-2 
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